The boat - Llaüt San Francisco

The llaüt San Francisco is a masterpiece of craftsmanship dating from 1954. Built entirely in wood, by the “mestre d’aixa” (mediterranean boat builder) Pedro Jover in his old shipyard in Campos, the boat has a length of 8 meters, and a beam of 2.6 meters, and can accommodate up to 6 passengers plus the captain. 


The practicality of new materials such as fiberglass or plastic, have literally stopped building these wonderful boats that for so long have drawn the typical stamp of the Mediterranean coast. Only a few romantics, like Carbus, still make the traditional boat a way of life, sailing at a light but calm pace, through the history of the Mediterranean and offering a unique and more and more exclusive experience.



Unique experience - Es Coll Baix Trip

Llaüt San Francisco sets sail from the Puerto de Alcudia promenade. On a typical day Captain Carbus welcomes us on board at 9:30 am.  Minutes later we are already leaving the mouth of the port and heading north-east towards the beach of Coll Baix. After a little more than an hour of pleasant sailing, seeing the beautiful views of the west side of the bay of Alcudia, we arrive at the beautiful and unspoiled beach of Coll Baix. 


Its turquoise waters, and the drawings on its steep walls, make this beach one of the real gems of the north east of the island. 


At 11 o’clock, we will drop anchor on a fabulous sandy bottom. And after a pleasant swim and snorkel, Captain Carbus will prepare us a typical Majorcan lunch, with vegetables from his garden and “Sobrassada” made by his family. 


At about 12:30 with the body refreshed by a last swim, and a full stomach, we will tack towards the port, and in a relaxing and hypnotic swaying of waves and engine noise, we will succumb to the most pleasant Mediterranean nap.