Meditation sound bath experience

Savãstis a sacred garden of sound

Giñtarė is gong master & intuitive singer, known for her sacred sound experiences in a magical Deià village, located in the Tramuntana mountains of Balearic Islands. There she guides the souls with gong sounds merged with vibrating mountain energy, birds chirping their secrets and olive trees hugging all of us with their wisdom. It’s a vulnerable journey to meet Your true self, be open to receive the inner whispers to integrate to and fully live Your own legend. This reveals the true meaning of Sãvastis – to be yourself. Giñtarė offers group sessions as well as private ones, gong performances, sessions for kids/family, wedding ceremonies, gong walks, cacao and divine sweets with sounds. To relax, recharge Yourself, meditate, have a meaningful family celebration or interestingly spent time in the performance. 

Engage with Savastis, in magical trip through the sounds of nature. The sessions can be experienced in her olive tree garden in Deia, Sierra de Tramuntana, or it can be requested to be performed at your home. Contact our advisors to book a session with Savastis.