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Honey, capers, almonds and carobs – a calling card of Llubi. Nestled in the heart of Mallorca, Llubi offers a tranquil retreat away from the island’s bustling tourist areas and invites travellers to unwind and immerse themselves in the beauty of rural Mallorca.

The main highlights of Llubi

Nestled in the heart of Mallorca, Llubí enchants visitors with its rich history, charming streets, and stunning countryside views. This traditional town, in the Pla de Mallorca region, boasts a population of fewer than two thousand residents and is celebrated for its agricultural legacy. 


Ancient archaeological sites offer glimpses into the region’s past, while vineyards, almond orchards, and caper fields dot the landscape, reflecting its agricultural heritage. Llubí hosts local fairs and festivals, showcasing its produce, including honey, capers, almonds, and carobs. 


Renting a villa in Llubí allows visitors to experience the true essence of island living, with opportunities to explore ancient archaeological sites, indulge in traditional cuisine, and admire the town’s historic architecture at their own pace. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Llubí provides a peaceful haven amidst the beauty of rural Mallorca.

Top 4 villages near Llubi worth visiting

Muro: Known for its mediaeval charm, Muro boasts a rich cultural heritage with historic landmarks like the Sant Joan Baptista Church and the Ethnological Museum.

Santa Margalida: A quaint village with a relaxed atmosphere, Santa Margalida offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Mallorcan life, with picturesque streets and local artisan shops.

Sineu: Famous for its lively weekly market, Sineu is a charming village known for its historic architecture, including the impressive Sant Marc Church and the ancient Royal Palace.

Maria de la Salut: Nestled amidst rolling countryside, Maria de la Salut is a peaceful village known for its agricultural heritage and traditional Mallorcan architecture. Visitors can explore its tranquil streets and enjoy the authentic rural atmosphere.

Cycling and hiking heaven in Llubi

Llubí is a haven for cycling and hiking enthusiasts. With its diverse terrain and scenic landscapes, it offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Cyclists can explore winding country roads that lead through picturesque villages and lush countryside, while hikers can traverse rugged trails that meander through olive groves, almond orchards, and pine forests. One popular route for cyclists is the “Ruta de Pedra en Sec,” or Dry Stone Route, which passes through Llubí and showcases the island’s traditional stone architecture. For hikers, the nearby Serra de Tramuntana mountain range provides breathtaking vistas and challenging trails, including the iconic hike to the Puig de Galatzó summit. Whether pedalling along peaceful lanes or trekking through rugged terrain, Llubí offers an unforgettable outdoor experience for adventurers of all levels.

Things you can’t miss while in Llubi:

  • Explore the charming streets of Llubí, lined with historic stone houses and adorned with colourful flowers.
  • Visit the picturesque church of Sant Feliu, dating back to the 16th century, and soak in its tranquil atmosphere.
  • Discover the town’s rich agricultural heritage at local fairs and festivals, celebrating honey, capers, almonds, and carobs.
  • Wander along the cobbled streets to admire ancient mills and Baroque crosses scattered throughout the town.
  • Take a leisurely stroll to Conjunt des Racons to witness the crumbling Talayotic remains and enjoy panoramic views of the countryside.

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