Luxury Villas To Rent in Deia

Hidden in dramatic landscapes of the Tramuntana mountains and overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, Deia exudes an atmosphere of tranquillity that captivates the soul.

Why to choose Deia?

Some of the most notable musicians, actors, designers are known to have spent time in Deia.

Also this place truly has a magnetic effect on creative figures over the years, drawing in icons from the worlds of art, fashion, music, film, and literature. 

From its picturesque setting to its vibrant cultural scene, unspoiled nature and gourmet dining options, Deia offers a quintessential Mallorcan experience like no other. 

Renting a holiday villa in Deia allows visitors to immerse themselves in this enchanting village, offering a peaceful retreat where they can unwind in luxurious surroundings and soak up the breathtaking scenery at their leisure. With easy access to charming boutiques, art galleries, and pristine beaches, holiday rental in Deia promises an unforgettable escape for travellers seeking relaxation, inspiration, and authentic Mediterranean living.

Where to eat in Deia?

The dining experience in Deia is a feast for the senses. Local restaurants and eateries showcase the region’s abundant bounty, with menus highlighting seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby markets and artisanal producers.

Our restaurant selection:

It’s no wonder why NAMA Restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of its guests. With its breathtaking views from the terrace and Eastern Asian flavours, the restaurant menu includes fresh, local produce and organic ingredients from Mallorca.

Ca’s Patro March in Cala Deià is an iconic seafront restaurant for those who want to eat in this idyllic spot by the crystal-clear Mediterranean, enjoying the freshest of seafood.

S’Hortet vegan-friendly breakfast & brunch restaurant located in the Es Clot area. Has something for everyone’s taste with its fresh, healthy options and locally sourced ingredients.

Cycling heaven in Deia

Tramuntana area has picturesque yet challenging terrain, making it a haven for cycling enthusiasts. Deia offers exhilarating routes with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, mountains and tiny villages. Cyclists are drawn to the diverse terrain, from winding coastal roads to steep mountain climbs, providing a thrilling experience for riders of all levels. One of the most popular routes is the journey from Deia to Soller, offering a mix of challenging ascents and thrilling descents amidst lush olive groves and citrus orchards. Another favourite is the loop around the Tramuntana Mountains, showcasing panoramic vistas and quaint villages like Valldemossa. Whether seeking a leisurely ride or an intense workout, Deia’s cycling routes never fail to captivate riders with their natural beauty and exhilarating challenges.

Things you can’t miss while in Deia:

  • Dip into the crystal clear waters of Cala Deia.
  • Find the magic strolling the village and soaking in its historic charm.
  • Take a sunset boat trip.
  • Visit the house of Robert Graves.
  • Have a romantic dinner at El Olivo.

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